You are Here: England; North; Ilkley

The course finished at about 1 o'clock on Sunday, and I managed to escape without having to resort to more dodgy food for lunch. As I emerged from the hotel, the city seemed to be at gridlock outside, and so with a sinking heart I set off for the car. An hour later I had managed to drive the whole 20 miles to Ilkley, mind you after half an hour I had only covered 7 miles so there was an improvement as the journey progressed. Obviously, by now I was starving.

Ilkley is a small town in West Yorkshire, overshadowed by the close proximity of both Leeds and Bradford to the south. However, for all that it is a nice little place on the banks of the River Wharfe. I crawled into the town in a long stream of traffic, and decided that come hell or highwater (the latter more likely), I was going to stop for some lunch. I turned into a side street, spotted a space and simultaneously there at the end of the street was the glowing green of a Co-op!
I bought some lunch and ate as I wandered, along the tree lined streets, past the odd local architecture, through the churchyard and so to the river which is crossed by two bridges, one old and one new(er). After half an hour or so, I was back at the car and with another 7 hours of travelling to do I didn't actually stop again until I was within a whisker of the border, and that was for fuel.