Glasgow - Clydeside

A rather uninteresting 2-day course in Glasgow saw me being put up in a 'posh' hotel in Glasgow for a couple of nights. The first evening I had a wander along the riverbank in the dusk, and the second evening I went and walked around the city centre, shopping!! It could have been a whole lot worse I suppose.

Clyde Bridges

I walked along the river from the new Clyde Arc (left) as far east as Central Station, taking a few photos along the way. The next bridge that I found was the notorious Kingston Bridge, which carries the busy M8 across the river.

After that I passed the new footbridge across the Clyde, before reaching the bulk of Central Station, where the railway line crosses the river and is flanked by a pair of lower road bridges. As I headed back, the sun was setting with a beautiful range of pink and red in the sky.