I am trying to write this over a week later, and my memory is fading (already!!), but here goes:

The Village

My main aim today was simply to get some exercise without getting too wet. Generally speaking, I succeeded as the rain was never more than a light shower! I started by walking past the Glenfinnan Monument and onto the new path around the head of Loch Shiel, across the Callop River and on to the Callop-Polloch Forest Road. This meant that, although I hadn't walked very far and the route is hardly exciting, I had managed to link together a small number of other walks that I have done in the past.
I then returned to the road by the monument, crossed the bridge and headed off to explore the village. In the past, I had wandered around the station, using the hill path and so back along the road, but I had never walked down to the shore of Loch Shiel in the village itself. I didn't on this occasion either, as there was a large lorry being loaded with fish and a lot of men in yellow jackets silently warning me off trying to get to the pier. Nevertheless, I identified a possible walk for the future along the western shore of the Loch, although I am not entirely sure how much of a path there is! I then used the old road, which has been no more than a private drive to a number of houses for decades now, to regain the main road near the station. A brief detour to see if there were any interesting books in the station shop (only ones I already had), and so back to the car along the road.

The new road to Arisaig

Many of you will want to skip this, as it is quite 'nerdy'! If you have read all of this website, you will probably have identified my interest in roads, and the fact that I am a contributor to the Sabre Wiki. Well, as part of that interest, I thought I would go and have a look at the new road to Arisaig, and explore some of the redundant bits too. It was interesting, to me at least, but to save you all from boredom here are some of the highlights:
Where the old road is no longer required for estate/property access, it has been grubbed up and removed from the landscape. At one point this means that there is actually a pond where the road used to be. YES, REALLY!!
It is almost impossible to walk along the old road, as nature has reclaimed it after a mere 6-9 months.
I finally managed to find and photograph Arisaig House (below), an Arts & Crafts property which is one of my favoured architectural styles.
I also found a derelict / collapsed property in the woods just outside Arisaig. It was evidently an old cottage which had been heavily remodelled in 1929 (datestone) in brick and transformed into an imposing (albeit one room deep) property. Quite why it is now choked by brambles is a mystery.
Hopefully you haven't nodded off just yet, and can move on to more exciting explorations!