Exploring the British Isles

If you've come this far, I will assume that you have already been to Where I've been. In that case, it is easy, I want to go to all of the Yellow places.

More seriously, I would love to go back to Ireland, and the islands of the British Isles intrigue me, so the Channel Isles, Scillys, Isle of Man, the Clyde Isles, Islay, Jura, Shetland, not to mention those I've already been to once! On the UK mainland, I have only very briefly zoomed through the Peaks and Yorkshire, so they are a definite trip, as is a return to the Lakes. Mid Wales, Sussex again and in a list of wild and beautiful places, Newcastle upon Tyne. I guess there are those who would say that it fits perfectly!

To cut a very long list rather short, I shall stop there, but rest assured that whichever Mountain, glen, village or island I visit next, I shall stick a photo or two on here within the week! I hope that you enjoy reading about my exploits, and maybe they will inspire you to get out and about and explore our beautiful lands.

Current Missions!

Explore more of Lakes & North EnglandJune 2010 Holiday!
Complete West Highland WayEnd of 2010
Complete Great Glen WayEnd of 2010
Climb all Munros!Ongoing
Two Munros above Loch Treig, FersitDone!
Several Munros along A86, Loch Laggan2010-11
Tyndrum & Crianlarich Munros2010-11
Visit More IslandsOngoing
Walk on KerreraDone!
Visit ButeDone!
Cruise to Small IslesEigg Done!
Cycle on Coll2011?
Cycle on TireeDone!
Cycle on Luing / Seil2010
Islay, Jura, Colonsay2011 Holiday?
Link all walks Back to HomeOngoing
Walk/cycle from A861 up ConaglenDone!
Cycle around Strontian2011?
Walk from Loch Arienas to Glencripesdale2011?
Finish Puggy Line - Monessie to Fersit2010
Walk/cycle old A87 from CluanieDone!

Here are a few more of the ideas for walks / cyclerides I have thought up over the last few months:

That should keep me going for a while!