My Cars

I like cars. I like Toy Cars Real cars, reading about cars, driving cars, you could say I'm a car nut. Except...
My Car history reads like one of the 'losers' on Top Gears 'Star in a reasonably priced car' slot: You see what I mean.

You will have probably guessed from the odd clue elsewhere that I also like Rileys. I own a 1934 Riley 9 Kestrel, or at least I think I own all of the parts that make the car. Give me another 20-odd years and it might even move under it's own power once more!
From the list above, you might also spot my tendency towards owning Land Rovers. I have even taken them off-road a little, and enjoyed it.

Favourite Cars

The car I would most like to own in all the world is the Jaguar XJ5.3C, from the mid 1970's. In case you have never seen one (I've only seen 2 in the flesh), It is a classic XJ on the short wheel-base, with just two pillarless doors. A stunning machine which is incredibly rare with the V12 engine thanks to the oil crisis.
Other favourite models for my dream garage: (That list may grow).