Cycling on Morvern

A month or two ago, and predating the start of this 'Blog', I went to Morvern for a little cycling trip. I started just outside Lochaline and cycled along the road to Drimnin, then I continued along the rough track that follows the shore north-west and then Northwards to Dorlin. I then intended to follow the path to the forestry track than ran along Loch Teacuis to the road along Loch Arienas and so back to the car. Unfortunately, that 'path' didn't really exist. The area is so remote that even the forestry path that I did find was seriously overgrown from lack of use. A rough path for half a mile across the hillside has no hope of ever becoming cycle-able. But, I did it, and got back to the car absolutely exhausted after a fantastic day! To the right are a few pictures from that day.

Ardtornish Castle

Anyone who has ever crossed from Lochaline to Fishnish, or vice-versa, will probably have seen the stark outline of Ardtornish Castle (right) on the shore to the east. Surprisingly, perhaps, I would advise making the trip to view it close-up, as you will almost certainly be disappointed. The walk there and back (or in my case, the cycle ride) is however very pleasant. The path starts at the 'new' Ardtornish House and runs along the eastern shore of Loch Aline. Most of the way is tarmac due to the volume of traffic using it, but then the tarmac stops and is replaced with a well trodden track, providing access to the houses ahead. In the summer, there are plenty of boats moored in the quiet haven of the Loch, and the pretty cottages of the village climb the hill across the water (below). The track then climbs over a slight rise, and Mull comes in to view, with views up and down the Sound.


As 8 miles of cycling in a day hardly warrants the hour of travelling I had undertaken to get there, I decided that another cycle ride was in order for the afternoon. Therefore, as the road back to Strontian reached the banks of Loch Sunart, I turned left instead of right and parked at the end of the road. From there, a track ran along Morvern's northern shore to the big old estate house of Glencripesdale (below), and despite encountering fish-farm and forestry machinery trundling slowly along the track, I made it all the way there and back. The biggest problem was the drizzle that started soon after I turned round, and made me a little damp by the time I was back at the car! Nevertheless, with another 17miles done I felt it was time for home.