Sgurr Eilde Mor.

Sgurr Eilde Mor is the easternmost Munro of the Mamore Range. Having now climbed it, the only Mamore that I haven't climbed is Binnein Beag, a funny little hill that sits out on it's own, and is a long trudge from anywhere. One day...! Anyway, the long and tough climb out of Kinlochleven was worth it, with the summit views taking in the head of Loch Treig, the moors around Corrour, the Blackwater Reservoir and Rannoch Moor beyond, and to the North and West, the more familiar landscape and Landmarks of Lochaber. A fine way to round off a fantastic week!

Thanks to a wonderful twist of fate, I have actually had three days off this week, so for Friday I decided to climb my penultimate Mamore - Sgurr Eilde Mor. It is actually the eastern most of this spectacular range, and divided from the rest by the plateau of Coire an Lochan. To the south is Loch Eilde Mor, to the North Glen Nevis and where the two meet is Luibeilt, which I walked to two years ago. How different it looked from above!

Today I 'ave been mostly wearin' Yello'.

Well, that's not the full story, but the hill is invisible from Kinloch, and hidden behind Sgurr Eilde Beag until you get to the plateau, so that's the best I can do. And next to the map is a view of Sgurr Eilde Mor on the left, rising up the long but gentle ridge to Binnein Mor. I did that walk two years ago, and if it hadn't been for the snow on the necessary North/East facing slopes I would probably have done it again today!! It is a fantastic walk, with some great views. Anyway, in the foreground is the Lochan. I know it looks like the snow, but trust me there is a blueish tinge which explains that it is ice - The Lochan was frozen.
Below we have Ben Nevis and The Aonachs. The low hill on the right (It's summit doesn't break the horizon) is my final Mamore, Binnein Beag. It is the most inaccesible, and may take me some time to climb!

Above are the Grey Corries, not the awesome and dramatic view that you get from the Commando Memorial above Spean Bridge, but from behind, a view which many people never bother to see, but it is worth the effort.
Of course, I have been teasing you, so below are some of the shots which I have been told (I happen to agree) are the finest and most beautiful of the photos I have taken. First up is Loch Eilde Mor, with the two Buchailles on the horizon behind.

Above, we are looking at the Mountains of Glen Coe, with the Aonach Eagach in front of the Southern peaks. And below is another view looking in the same direction, but with a sparkly glistening stream in the foreground in place of the bank of snow.