Sgor nam h-Ulaidh.

Well, after Tuesday I decided that as long as the sun was shining, I'd be walking, so I did. Sgor na h-Ulaidh is in Glencoe. Well, that's not strictly true. I had originally planned to go cycling, but the roads and footpaths were still very icy from the frost, so I decided to go up instead! The Mountain I chose was Sgor nam h-Ulaidh, hidden down Gleann Leac-na-Muidhe. Imagine you're heading up the Glen from the village, past the visitor centre. Then, when the road swings to the left, keep going straight on up. It's the dirty great big hill in the middle at the end!It is a magnificent (Sorry, I use that word too much) summit, offering great views. Take a look to see what I mean!

Ok, top picture is Glen Coe in the morning sunshine, and then we have todays map. Sorry that the route falls off the edge, and you may have noticed that I was wearing red for todays adventure!!! Also, sorry if you're confused because your monitor is so big that the pictures sit next to each other (Dave).

We're now getting a little out of sequence here. On the left is a view across the deep glen to Bidean nam Bian, the highest of the Glencoe Hills at 1150m. I only climbed 994m up today!! On the right is the view along the homeward ridge from the summit, looking west over the Morvern Hills. The mountain on the extreme left of the horizon is, I believe, Ben Mor on Mull.

Below we have what was possibly the most stunning view of the day, looking eastish across Glen Etive to Rannoch Moor and the surrounding mountains. And yes, that white foamy stuff below the peaks IS cloud! On the left is what looked like a Frozen Waterfall, with the cloud spilling out from the mountains and flowing down the sides, but with no suggestion of actual movement. It was spectacular, fantastic, incredi... You get the picture!

I'm, sorry to ruin the picture with more silly stick men, but as you may have noticed, they are wearing the blue of Tuesday. That indicates....
Ummmmmmm... Oh yes, where I was on Tuesday of course! The man on the left is (I think) stood on top of the Pap. It is incredible that such a distinctive and well defined hill as The Pap can just blend in with the surrounding scenery so well when seen from this relatively short distance, but never mind! The man on the right is stood on the Munro (Sgurr nam Fionnaidh) that I also climbed. Between them is Ben Nevis and to the right you have the Mamores on the horizon, the Aonach Eagach in the middle and Bidean nam Bian just behind today's Munro which is in the foreground.

Ok, now for below. On the Horizon is Mull, with Ben Mor (Mull's highest point) the pointy one to the right I think. The big patch of water to the left of the little pointy hill is Loch Creagan, with the bridge just out of sight, so the land on the left of it is South Shian, and to the right is Appin. Therefore, the finger of land which is barely discernable between there and Mull is Lismore, and the hills on the right of the Horizon are Morvern. Glen Crearan comes in on the centre right of the picture.

And for the Final Picture, we have Beinn a Bheithir, or the Glenachullish Horseshoe, though goodness knows where it got that name from when looked at from here! The Glen in front of the hills is Glen Duror, and centre right of the photo is I tiny patch of Loch Leven, near the Bridge I think. I tried to get a picture of Beinn a Bheithir with Ballachulish in it, but can't find it now I've got home. However, as I can see the summit from here (I am sat in my living room in case you are wondering), I now know that it was my little cottage that I could see, or at least would have seen if the whole of Ballachulish had been bigger that quarter of a postage stamp!!! Anyway, the sun is setting and the Sky is a beautiful Red, so fingers crossed for one final day of February Summer tommorrow!