Fed up of Rain

Can someone please find the tap and turn it off?

Ok, so I guess i knew when I moved up here that Lochaber was one of the wettest bits of the British Isles, but it is now getting beyond a joke. We had FIVE consecutive weeks of rain EVERY DAY, confining me indoors on almost every day off (except when I burnt gallons of fuel to go somewhere dry). Then, a few sunny days (while I was at work needless to say), and back to rain.

So why am I writing this now?

Basically, I spent the whole morning watching rain hammering into the window today, keeping one eye on the BBC weather website (Metcheck is not working), and even turning the lunchtime news on to catch the forecast. Everything said that the afternoon was going to be bright and sunny, and while there wasn't really enough time to make it worth getting the car out, I reckoned I had 2-3 hours before the rain returned.
There was a shower at about 3, but then it brightened up and we had BLUE sky! At the last minute, I even decided to abandon my full waterproof and just put my showerproof jacket on. It drizzled a bit as I wandered round the shore, but not enough to be a problem - it was as much spray in the strong winds as real rain - so I headed up towards Glencoe, intent on getting some fresh air and exercise. The sun was out, I took some nice pictures (see sidebar) and had a pleasant stroll through the forestry at the Lochan. As I wandered back down the villages main street, however, the grey cloud was looming large on the horizon. I had two choices (it was just half four - I'd been out for an hour). Either I could find shelter and wait out the rain that I could see approaching, or make a dash for it and hope for the best.
I decided on the latter, and got to the coffee shop in Tigh Phuirt just as they closed. The only shelter as the downpour broke, therefore, was the trees between the cottages. No dense conifer plantation this, though, but open broadleaf with autumn already starting to thin the canopy. After a while the heavy rain and strong wind meant that the trees were, if anything, getting me wetter than being out of them, and there was still no sign of the rain abating. I set off into the downpour once more, and got very very wet.

I guess the moral of this ramble about a ramble is that life is unpredictable, and just not fair!