Walking & Cycling from Home

What do I mean?

A few months ago, I read an article in TGO magazine about a bloke who had walked to the highest point in every 10x10km square in the national grid (with land in). He had also walked all of the connecting routes back to his house, although not all in one go obviously. It set me thinking.

Now, obviously I'm not quite so mad as to try and emulate this guy. NO, I'm not!! BUT, I did sit down and work out how far from home my various ventures on foot, or by bike have got me. One day I might put a map here, Ooh, I have!

Are you ready?

I have walked or cycled all of the links from home to:

Therefore, I have now climbed 49 Munros and 11 lesser mountains from home (sort of). I have also walked from Loch Ness in the north to Loch Lomond in the south. Hopefully this year I will complete the WHW and GGW, and so have walked/cycled from Glasgow - Inverness. My feet are hurting already.

A Map

I know it looks like some loony has doodled all over it, but the black squiggles are the approximate routes of the walks/cylcerides I have done. There are a few more down by Loch Tay and on Skye, but this'll do for now.