as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour

As these pages have grown, they have slowly provided more and more information. This is becoming increasingly hard to find, so on this new site I have decided to create an Index, explaining where you can find the information you want.
I have set this page out in two formats:
  • An explanation of what is on each page
  • An explanation of where you can find specific information
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Page by Page:

    SPECS Specifications of most 4-wheeled Riley Cars, with technical information, a brief description (where I've written it!), and thumbnail images of each model.
    Also available on this page is an explanation of how to decipher Riley Chassis numbers, and a page which goes some way to working out model-by-model production figures for pre-war Rileys and precise fidures for post-war cars.
    HISTORY A Brief History of Riley cars from 1896-1969, covering all models, cross referenced to relevant specification pages.
    SPECIALS Information on Riley Specials, including those built by Freddie Dixon, which were highly succesful in competitions in the 1930's.
    LINKS Links to Websites, Riley Clubs and also a Bibliography.
    CONTACT Providing an opportunity for you to e-mail me with any Riley-related matters.

    Finding Information on:

    Specific Models

    Your First Stop should be the Specifications pages. Here you'll find information on most models, arranged by Engine / Chassis. If you are interested in a partcular body style, and not what is underneath, then try the Bodies page first, where most models are covered.

    General History

    For the History of Riley, try the History page. This briefly gives information on model launches, major competition wins and the general state and spread of the company. To get a better idea of the major developments that made Rileys so popular, try the Specifications page, where you can compare different models, and find out what replaced what.

    Further reading

    If, like me, you are lazy, then best try the sites page, which provides links to other Riley sites and associated sites. Otherwise, try the Bibliography page which covers Magazine Articles, Books and other media, which may be of interest.

    Specific Information

    If you have a specific query, then try contacting your local Riley Owners club, listed on the clubs page, and they should be able to help, although they may wish you to become a member first! If all else fails, contact me, and I can try my best to help you!