as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour

Between the two world wars, Riley built a formidable reputation in the world of motorsport. Everything from Hill Climbs to Endurance Races were tackled, and at some point in time a Riley held the event or lap record at many venues across the British Isles, and indeed Europe too. Such was the success of Riley that many of those self same cars are still competing on tracks to this very day, albeit in classic events rather then going head to head with a Mercedes F1 car!
These many acheivements were attained with a variety of works and privately prepared cars, based to a greater or lesser extent on production vehicles. Long before the Homologation rules were even considered, there was much more freedom in what was acceptable, with many events having class limits based on cc alone. There were, of course, a great number of drivers and team members ensuring that the cars performed at their peak, and whilst some are still famous names in motorsport, others have receeded into the shadows as the years rolled by.
Even after the takeover by Nuffield, and the war, Rileys continued to be highly regarded in some elements of motorsport, with RMs and one point fives being particularly common on tracks.

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