as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour

In the 40 or so years from 1896-1938, Riley surprisingly did quite a bit more than just build cars. However, it was cars that they were known for, and even there there are some little known facts which are retold on these pages.

Production Cars

  • Riley Bodies
  • Pre-War Riley Model Names
  • Pre-War Riley Colour Schemes
  • Pre-War Riley Pricing

  • Production Figures by Model
  • Year by Year Production figures
  • Riley Exports
  • Riley the Company

  • Family Members
  • Riley Companies and Factories

    Selling Rileys

  • Riley Advertising Badges and Slogans
  • Dealers & Distributors
  • The Competition
  • Riley Engineering

  • Riley Innovations
  • Riley Engines - not just in cars!