as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour
Riley produced a lot of cars over the years, although compared to the 8-10 million of VW and Toyota in recent years, the annual production peak of a little over 5000 seems very small. Such a figure did, however, secure around 2% of the domestic market in the mid 1930s, when annual sales were around 200,000 cars, and there were less than 2.5 million on the roads. However, aside from the overall total, the range was impressive, with 15-20 different models available some years.
Unfortunately, very few records survive from before World War Two, so it is no longer possible to state how many of each model were built. Fortunately, however, from the records that do exist it is possible to extrapolate the data and provide some projected figures, with the later 12/4 and 16/4 models having been subjected to some very thorough research by Vernon Barker for his books on these models.
Trying to list all of the models Riley produced on a single page has become impossible, so please follow the links below for details of projected and known production figures

Chassis Numbering

Year by Year Production

The Competition

Early & Sidevalve Cars

Unfortunately, with so few surviving records, it has been impossible to project production figures from those vehicles identified. However, the following pages detail some ideas on production figures:

  • Early Riley Cars
  • Riley 10.8 & 11/40 models
  • Riley 11.9 & 12hp models
  • 4 Cylinder Cars

    Whilst very few records of the early 9s survive, it is possible to project some figures for those cars built after 1930, and the 12/4 and 16/4 have been very well researched.

  • Riley Nines
  • Riley 12/4s
  • Riley 16/4s
  • 6 Cylinder Cars

    Thanks to a confused system of chassis numbering, identifying which engine a chassis carried is not easy with the early models. However, the later 15/6s can be projected more confidently:

  • Riley 14/6s
  • Riley 12/6s
  • Riley 15/6s
  • V8 Cars

    Very few of either the Riley 8/90 or Autovias were known to have been built, and approximate build totals for both are known, so it is possible to be more certain of production figures:

  • Riley 8/90 & Autovias
  • Post Takeover Cars

    After World War Two, actual production figures have survived, however for the 1939 season cars there are still some unanswered questions:

  • Riley 12 & 16hp models
  • Riley RMs
  • BMC Riley Models