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Total Riley 15/6 Production

Riley 15/6's were built from 1935 until 1938, although towards the end production was a mere trickle! Below are the number of Riley 15/6 Chassis that left the Factory each year, regardless of bodywork.
Chassis No range
  • 1935
  • 22644T 2244-2450
    15S 930-960
    88E 1017
  • 1936
  • 27546x 2501-27752501-2999
  • 1937
  • 22047x 3001-32203001-3299
  • 1938
  • 2148x 3301-33213301-3350
    Total 742

    1935 figures

    Unfortunately, the changeover to the 15/6 chassis was not a clean break in the 44T numbers, with some overlap between the 12/6 and 15/6 models, and even a few late 14/6 procuded too. The earliest 15/6 recorded is a Falcon, 44T2244 and the last of the smaller engined cars recorded is 44T2278, a 14/6 MPH (indeed most of the known cars in this block are MPHs, which could have had a variety of engines since first leaving the factory). Between them, 14 cars have been identified, split roughly a third to each engine, although biased slightly more to the 12/6 than the 14/6.
    On the flip side, there are believed to have been around 30 15/6 Stelvios produced, using the 15S prefix and earlier chassis number range, as well as a handful of 15/6 Winchesters which used the 88E prefix and the same numbers (the single identified example being 88E1017).

    Model by Model

    Although no precise records remain, it is still possible to collate details of known cars, and so suggest total production figures for each 15/6 model.

    Below is a list of how many of each body were probably built on the Riley 15/6 Chassis.

    ModelChassis TypesIdentifiedDuplicates?TotalProjected
    Adelphi 15/646A; 47A; 48A 31 212 50 230
    Falcon 15/644T; 46F; 47F? 30 5 - 35 157
    Kestrel 15/644T 16 5 - 21 74
    Kestrel 15/646K; 47K; 48K 29 265 50 216
    Lynx 15/644T; 46L; 47L 3 4 - 7 20
    MPH 15/644T 2 1 - 3 10
    Stelvio 15/615S 5 1 1 5 30
    Special 15/6 - 1 -
    Winchester 15/688E 1 - - 1 5?
    Wylders Sedanca 15/647K 1 - - 1 1
    Total 117648 174 742


  • The 'Identified A' column is chassis numbers listed in David Styles book 'As old as the Industry' and other cars that I, or others, have 'found' (in old membership lists / books / photos).
  • The 'Identified B' column is additional cars where the full chassis number is not known.
  • The 'Duplicates?' column is those records which are to some extent dubious, whether as duplicates or complete errors and therefore to be disregarded from the totals. The confusion between Continental & Briggs Touring Saloons is particularly evident.
  • The 'Total' column is the identified figures, less the potential duplicates.
  • The 'Projected' column is my calculated production figures, based on the total figure. I have not incorporated any bias on these figures.
  • Rebodied chassis are included in original body style where known, otherwise listed as specials.