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Chassis Numbers

Many of the specifications pages refer to Chassis Numbers for certain elements of the information. As a result I have felt it necessary to include a page to help decipher the Chassis Number of your car. In many cases, this will also allow you to identify the original engine and bodystyle that the car carried.

Pre WW1 Vehicles
Please note, very few examples of these cars survive. Only c20 (exc. bikes) are known about - and some of those are beyond restoration. Some models are sadly extinct, in particular with the proper cars, there are no known survivors of the 17-30hp models.
Any knowledge to the contrary is welcomed!

Riley No 1

Percy Rileys First Car (1898)

Cycles & Motorised Cycles

Riley Bicycle (1896-1911)
Riley Tricycle 2¼hp (1899-1900)
Riley Quadricycle 2¼hp (1899-1901)
Riley Quadricycle 2¾hp (1901-02)

Riley Motorbike 1½hp (1902-03)
Riley Motorbike 2¼hp (1903-04)
Riley Motorbike 3½hp (1903-04)
Riley Motorbike 3hp (1903-04)

3 Wheel Cars

Riley Forecar 3hp (1903-04)
Riley Forecar 4½hp (1904)

Riley Tricar 4½hp (1905-07)
Riley Tricar 4hp Aircooled (1905-07)
Riley Tricar 6hp (1905-07)
Riley Tricar 9hp (1905-07)
Riley Tricar 5hp (1907)

4 Wheel Cars

Riley 9 (1905-11)
Riley 12/18 (1907-14)
Riley 10 (1909-14)
Riley 17/30 (1913-23)
Riley 10hp (1914-15)