Riley 10hp. (1914-15)

This car was developed through 1914, for launch at that years Olympia Show. However, with the outbreak of war, this show was abandoned. It is known that 3 prototype models were built during 1914, and thought that several more may have built during the first 2 years of the war, possibly for the war effort. However, this has not been confirmed (to my knowledge).
The car itself was a scaled down version of the 17/30 model, just like the previous 10hp model had been a scaled down 12-18. It had a four cylinder in line engine, driving the rear wheels through a 4 speed gearbox. Unfortunately, it is not known what bodies had been designed for it, but it can be imagined that a 2 seater open car would have been the main seller, perhaps with a 4 seater or even a saloon also available.


4cyl sv
RAC Rating 10hp
Bore 63mm Stroke 88mm
Capacity 1096cc
Carburation Zenith


4-speed gearbox.


Front semi-elliptic; Rear 3/4 elliptic


Expanding shoes to rear only.



Wheelbase 8' (aprx 2430mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1210mm)
Wheels Riley Detachable Wire
Tyres 700x80
Fuel Tank 7 galls.