Riley 10. (1909-14)

The Riley 10 was launched in 1909 as a scaled down version of the 12/18, where the engine was a smaller V Twin, but crucially still front mounted unlike the smaller 9hp model. The radiator was again elliptical, providing a curved bonnet, behind which sat a 2 seater 'Torpedo' body. Windscreen and hood were not fitted to all early cars, but were at least optional as the years went by, and the body became somewhat better styled than the rather basic outline of the earliest cars. There was also, for an extra £20, a speed model available, which proved itself in a number of competition events in 1909/10.
From 1911, this was the smallest model of the Riley range, as the older 9hp was dropped. The 10hp was also dropped at the outbreak of war, partly due to the war, but also because a new 10hp model was ready for launch.


V2cyl Side Valve set at 90°
RAC Rating 11.4hp
Bore 96mm Stroke 96mm
Capacity 1390 cc
15 bhp
Carburation Riley; (from 1912) Zenith


Cone Clutch
3-speed gearbox
Top gear ratio 4.25:1




Rear Wheels Only



Wheelbase 7'6" / 8' (aprx 2280 / 2430mm)
Track 4'2" (aprx 1250mm)
Length 10'6" / 11'9" (aprx 3190 / 3560mm)
Width 5' (aprx 1500mm)
Wheels Riley Detachable Wire
Tyres 800 / 750x85
Weight 11.5cwt (chassis only)
Fuel Tank 7 galls


1909: £200 / £188 (Chassis Only)
£220 Speed Model
1914: £231