Riley 12/18. (1907-14)

The 12-18hp, also occasionally referred to as the 12hp, was available in Long or Short Wheelbase forms, with a vast array of bodystyles available. Sadly, there are very few survivors- the one pictured may be the only one left in the UK - and little idea of how many were originally built, with not many more photos of the various models, which were approximately as follows:
  • 2 seater SWB tourer (1907-10)
  • 5 seater SWB rear-entranced tourer (1907-09)
  • 5-seater LWB side-entranced tourer (1907-13; the most popular).
  • Landaulette LWB (1909-12)
  • 2 seater SWB Topedo (1911-14; pictured)
  • 2 seater LWB Tourer (1911-13)
  • Medico Special LWB Coupe (1913)
    The model was almost as radical as the 9hp V-Twin launched the previous year, being the first front-mounted engine in a Riley. The Radiator was also in the then fashionable elliptical shape, producing a rounded bonnet behind. The engine was a larger development of the 9hp unit, sharing many similarities but almost double the capacity. The model was substantially updated in 1911, with a new rear axle amongst other mechanical improvements and a revised range of bodies available.


    V2 cyl sidevalve
    RAC Rating 12.9hp
    Bore 102 Stroke 127
    Capacity 2035 cc
    Carburation 1907-10 Longuemere
    1911 Riley; 1912-14 Zenith


    Metal-Metal Clutch
    Riley Constant Mesh 3-speed gearbox.
    Top gear ratio 4.25:1




    Metal-Metal Cardan, Rear only


    Fuel Consumption 33mpg


    Wheelbase 8' / 9' (aprx 2430 / 2730mm)
    Track 4'2" / 4'3" (aprx 1250 / 1270mm)
    Length 11'9" / 12'6" (aprx 3570 / 3800mm)
    Width 5' / 5'1" (aprx 1500 / 1530mm)
    Wheels Riley Detachable Wire
    Tyres 750x85 / 810x90
    Weight13/14cwt (chassis only)


    1907 270 guineas; 1908-09 280 gns
    1910-12 295 gns (all 5-seater)
    1913-14 £285 gns (2-seater torpedo)