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Chassis Numbers

Many of the specifications pages refer to Chassis Numbers for certain elements of the information. As a result I have felt it necessary to include a page to help decipher the Chassis Number of your car. In many cases, this will also allow you to identify the original engine and bodystyle that the car carried.

The 2˝Litre also went under the names 16/4, Big Four and Blue Streak! It could have been Rileys saviour, but was unfortunately launched too late. Although offered with 5 bodies and as a chassis, all but 4 or 5 of the vehicles sold had either the Adelphi, Kestrel or Continental bodies. The engine survived the war, and stayed on until 1957 in the Pathfinder model.
General Specification Production Figures

Production Models

Riley 2˝ Adelphi 4-door Saloon. (1937-38)
Riley 2˝ Continental (1937-38)
Riley 2˝ Kestrel 4-door Fastback Saloon. (1937-38)

Prototypes & One-offs

Riley 2˝ Lynx (1937-38)
Riley 2˝ Maltby Redfern (1937-38)
Riley 2˝ Touring Saloon (1937-38)

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