Riley 2½ Kestrel. (1937-39)

1938 Riley 16/4 Kestrel

As ever, the Kestrel proved to be a very popular model, although in these later years it was outsold by the more traditional Adelphi. The body was essentially that fitted to the 15/6 model, with the new Blue Streak Radiator Grille and Bonnet design. It is a testament to Riley's design that this was the only model resumed under Nuffield (due to a high level of public demand!).

Chassis Types 38KX


4cyl ohv
RAC rating 16.07hp
Bore 80.5 Stroke 120
Compression Ratio 6.1:1
Capacity 2443 cc
82bhp at 4300rpm
Carburation SU / Zenith


3-speed dual overdrive gearbox.
3rd o/d Gear ratio 3.97:1
3rd g/r 5.5:1
2nd o/d g/r 6.15:1
2nd g/r 8.25:1
1st g/r 14.3:1
Reverse 17.87:1




Girling mechanical rod with wedge operated shoes
16" Drums.


0-50mph 14.9secs
Max speed 87mph
Fuel Consumption 25/34mpg


Wheelbase 9'8.5" (aprx 2930mm)
Track 4'3" (aprx 1290mm)
Length 14'11" (aprx 4510mm)
Width 5'3" (aprx 1580mm)
Fuel Tank 11½ galls
Wheels Magna wire 3.25x18"
Tyres 5.25x18
Weight 29cwt