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BMC Rileys
With the demise of the Pathfinder model, and so the prewar Big 4 engine in 1957, Riley effectively died as an independently minded car producer. Every model produced thereafter was a BMC badge-engineered special. The 2.6 (like the Pathfinder), 1.5 and Elf were all available as either Riley or Wolesley, while the A- and B-Series Farinas were produced with five or six different badges and corresponding engine/trim differences.
General SpecificationProduction Figures

Production Models

Riley One-Point-Five 4-door Saloon. (1957-65)
Riley 2.6 4-door Saloon. (1957-59)
Riley 4/68 B-Seies Farina 4-door Saloon. (1959-61)
Riley 4/72 B-Seies Farina 4-door Saloon. (1961-69)
Riley Elf Mini Based 2-door Saloon. (1961-69)
Riley Kestrel 1100 A-Series Farina 4-door Saloon. (1965-68)
Riley Kestrel 1300 A-Series Farina 4-door Saloon. (1967-69)

Conversions and Specials

Riley Riviera Wessex Motors upgrade of 4/68. (1960-61)
Riley Silhouette Wessex Motors upgrade of 4/72. (1962-?)
Riley Elf Convertible by Crayford and others. (1963-?)

Prototypes and Overseas

Riley 'Six' Styling Mock-up on 'Landcrab' Shell.

Siam Di Tella Argentine Saloons & Pick-ups.