Riley 2.6. (1957-59)

The Riley Two-Point-Six replaced the Pathfinder, upon which it was based. The Same car was also sold as the Wolesley 6/90 seriesII/III, with a detuned engine.
This car saw the last true Riley Engine killed off, as it now used the BMC C-series engine, in place of Rileys acclaimed Big-Four design. It was withdrawn after only 2 years, due to slow sales (only 2,000), and indirectly replaced by the all new BMC B-series Farina design. This, therefore, was the last big-engined Riley, although there was at least a vague plan to launch a Riley version of the 'Lancrab', possibly with a 6 cylinder engine.


2639cc 6-cylinder ohv
Bore 79.4mm Stroke 88.9mm
Firing Order 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4
101bhp at 4500rpm
Compression Ratio 8.3:1
Carburation 2SU H4


Top gear ratio 3.9:1
(O/D top g/r 2.87:1)
3rd g/r 5.6:1
(O/D 3rd g/r 4.11:1)
2nd g/r 8.03:1
1st g/r 12.93:1
Reverse 17.52:1
Overdrive or Automatic available


Independent Torsion beam front
Semi Elliptic Rear


Servo-assisted hydraulic brakes with drums.


0-50mph 11.8sec
Standing ¼mile 20.6secs
Max Speed 93mph
Fuel Consumption 19mpg


Wheelbase 9'5.5" (aprx 2880mm)
Track 4'6.5" (aprx 1360mm)
Length 15'5.5" (aprx 4700mm)
Width 5'7" (aprx 1660mm)
Tyres 6.70x16
Weight 32cwt
Fuel Tank 13galls


Manual £940
Auto £1055
exc. tax