Siam Di Tella. (1960-67)

B Series 4-door saloon & Pick up

The Siam Di Tella was launched in 1960 in Argentina. What is it doing here? you may ask, well the simple answer is that in many ways one of the models launched was essentially a Riley 4/68. The suspension was stiffened to cope with the local roads, and the compression ratio reduced to cope with the local fuel. This also meant that the maximum bhp figure dropped as low as 55! This also saw the top speed fall to about 70mph. The cars proved very popular as Taxis, a role which many were still performing 10 or 20 years later. There were also some rather unusual pick-up models, using the Austin/Morris Pick up body with a Riley nose.

In 1964, Di Tella neared collapse and so after re-organisation the company sought to cut costs. One of the ways seems to have been to stop badging the cars as Siam Di Tellas, and instead they were badged plain Riley. After the Riley version was launched, it was followed by a Siam Magnette (essentially the MG Magnette MkIV) with 1622cc engine, and then in 1964 when this model became a simple MG Magnette, there was also a Morris 1650 model sold.


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    1489 cc 4 cylinder
    Bore 73mm Stroke 83.9mm
    55bhp at 4350rpm
    Compression ratio 7.2:1
    Carburation SU


    Overall gear ratios.
    2nd 9.52
    3rd 5.91
    4th 4.33
    Reverse 20.45


    Independent Coils at Front
    Semi Elliptic at rear


    Girling hydraulic drum brakes with wedge operated shoes
    9in drums.


    0-50mph 12.9secs
    Standing ¼mile 37.5secs
    Top Speed 70mph
    Fuel Consumption 27.3mpg


    Wheelbase 8'3" (aprx 2520mm)
    Track 4'2" (aprx 1270mm)
    Length 14'11.5" (aprx 4560mm)
    Width 5'3.5" (aprx 1610mm)
    Tyres 5.90x14
    Weight 21.75cwt
    Fuel Tank 10galls


    £725 exc. tax