Riley 4/68. (1959-61)

B-Series Farina 4-Door Saloon

BMC replaced the slow selling 2.6 with the Riley version of the all new B-Series Farina Saloon. The car, originally launched in 1958 as the Wolesley 15/60, then the Austin Cambridge, was deemed at the time as an insult to the Riley name, and to many still is.
Using the same engine as the Riley One-Point-Five, it seems a strange car to replace the old Two-Point-Six, but then this was BMC!

After only 2 years (and 10,940 cars), it was replaced by the 4/72, essentially the same car, but with the new 1622cc engine. However, that was not the end for the 4/68, as it was already being built under licence by Siam Di Tella in Argentina. Not only did they build the saloon but also a Riley nosed pick up truck!

Wessex Motors of Salisbury offered a performance upgrade of the 4/68, known as the Riley Riviera.


1489 cc 4 cylinder
Bore 73mm Stroke 88.9mm
66.5bhp at 5150rpm
Compression ratio 8.3:1
Carburation 2SU


Overall gear ratios.
2nd 9.52
3rd 5.91
4th 4.33
Reverse 20.45


Independent Coils at Front
Semi Elliptic at rear


Girling hydraulic drum brakes with wedge operated shoes
9in drums.


0-50mph 12.9secs
Standing ¼mile 21.2secs
Top Speed 88mph
Fuel Consumption 27.3mpg


Wheelbase 8'3" (aprx 2520mm)
Track 4'2" (aprx 1270mm)
Length 14'11.5" (aprx 4560mm)
Width 5'3.5" (aprx 1610mm)
Tyres 5.90x14
Weight 21.75cwt
Fuel Tank 10galls


£725 exc. tax