Riley 4/72. (1961-69)

B-Series Farina 4-Door Saloon

The 4/72 replaced the 4/68 in October 1961, and was essentially the same car. The 2 big differences were the enlarged 1622cc B-Series Engine, and the redesigned tail-fins. The car also featured front and rear anti-roll bars, wider track and an automatic option.
The car was also marketed as every other BMC Marque, like the 4/68 before it, but got killed off early, in 1969, when BLMC decided that the Riley Marque was no longer viable.

Following on from the success of the Riley Riviera, Wessex Motors of Salisbury also offered a 4/72 upgrade, the Riley Silhouette. Only 3 are believed to have been produced, with no survivors.


1622 cc 4 cylinder
Bore 76.2mm Stroke 88.9mm
66.5bhp at 5150rpm
Compression ratio 8.3:1
Carburation 2SU


Overall gear ratios.
2nd 9.52
3rd 5.91
4th 4.33
Reverse 20.45


Independent Coils at Front
Semi Elliptic at rear


Girling hydraulic drum brakes with wedge operated shoes
9in drums.


0-50mph 12.9secs
Standing ¼mile 21.2secs
Top Speed 88mph
Fuel Consumption 27.3mpg


Wheelbase 8'4" (aprx 2550mm)
Track 4'3.5" (aprx 1300mm)
Length 14'11.5" (aprx 4560mm)
Width 5'3.5" (aprx 1610mm)
Tyres 5.90x14
Weight 21.75cwt
Fuel Tank 10galls


1961-3 £745 1963-5 £758
1965-8 £761 1968-9 £791
1969 £803 Automatic extra £68