Riley Elf Convertible. (1963-?)

Today there are many convertible Riley Elfs around, some are fully open top, others simply have a roll back fabric roof / rear screen. However, trying to work out which were contemporary conversions and which are more recent diy jobs is difficult. It is known that Crayford offered a convertible conversion of the Elf, similar to the famous Wolesley Hornet Heinz 57 models, and one survives to this day. However, whether this was a one-off or whether, as is rumoured, around half a dozen were built is still hotly debated.
Whilst there was necessarily some stiffening of the shell to cope with the missing roof, it seems that the majority of elf convertibles do not have any original mechanical alterations, although obviously many have now been tuned and so on.


4 cyl ohv
Bore 62.9mm (Mk1) / 64.6mm (2/3)
Stroke 68.3mm / 76.2mm
Capacity 848cc / 998cc
34bhp at 5500rpm (Mk1)
38bhp at 5250rpm (2/3)
Compression ratio 8.3:1
Carburation SU HS2


Overall gear ratios.
2nd 8.18
3rd 5.32
4th 3.77
Reverse 13.66


Mk I & II: Independent Rubber Cone
Mk III: Independent Hydraulastic all round.


Lockheed hydraulic brakes with wedge operated shoes
7in front and rear.


0-50mph 18.3secs (Mk1) 15.2 (2/3)
Standing ¼mile 23.7 / 22.9secs
Top Speed 70 / 75.7mph
Fuel Consumption 32.9 / 35.7mpg


Wheelbase 6'8.5" (aprx 2020mm)
Track 3'11.5" (aprx 1220mm)
Length 10'9" (Mk1) / 10'10" (2/3) (aprx 3270 / 3300mm)
Width 4'7" (aprx 1400mm)
Tyres 5.20x10 or 145x10 radial
Weight 12.5cwt (Mk1) / 13cwt (2/3)
Fuel Tank 5.5galls


1961-5 £475 + £99 10s5d tax = £574 10s5d
1965-6 £493 1966-8 £525 (exc. tax)
1968-9 £550 Auto +£75 (exc. tax)