Riley 15/6 MPH. (1935)

The MPH model was eventually available with all three versions of the six-cylinder engine, the 15/6 being the last and apparently the shortest-run production model. In all there were probably less than half a dozen 15/6 MPHs (although there are several replicas now boosting that figure), and as some of these are thought to be re-engined 14/6 or re-bodied TT Sprites, converted by Riley, the true figure could be very small indeed.
The 15/6 engine used in the MPH was not the definitive unit used through until 1938, but in fact a rebored 14/6 unit, which therefore shared the bore and stroke of the new engine, whilst retaining the layout of the older engine. This hybrid unit was also fitted to the Stelvio and perhaps a handful of Winchesters.
The 15/6 MPH was only briefly available, before the Sprite 12/4 was launched the following year, itself a re-worked MPH with the smaller engine and a lower price.

Chassis Type: 44T



6cyl ohv
RAC Rating14.3hp
Bore 62 Stroke 95.2
Firing Order 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4.
Capacity 1726cc
56bhp at 4800rpm
Compression Ratio 7.1:1
Carburation 2SU
4-speed Preselector
Top Gear ratio 5:1
3rd Gear ratio 6.25:1
2nd Gear ratio 7.5:1
1st Gear ratio 13.35:1
Reverse Gear ratio 22.99:1

or 'silent third' gearbox.


Semi-elliptic all round


Riley Continuous cable with cam operated shoes
15" Drums.


Max speed 89mph


Wheelbase 8'1.5" (aprx 2370mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1210mm)
Length 12' (aprx 3660mm)
Width 4'9½" (aprx 1440mm)
Fuel Tank 15 galls.
Wheels Dunlop Centre lock wire 3.0x19"
Tyres 5.0x19
Weight 18cwt


44T £550