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Total Riley 12/6 Production

Riley 12/6's were built from 1932 until 1935. Below is a suggestion of the number of Riley 12/6 Chassis that left the Factory each year, regardless of bodywork.
Model Years:
  • 1932 200
  • 1933 300
  • 1934 200
  • 1935 50
    Total 750
  • Model by Model

    Although no precise records remain, it is still possible to collate details of known cars, and so suggest total production figures for each 12/6 model.

    Below is a list of how many of each body were probably built on the Riley 12/6 Chassis.

    Alpine 12/644T 2 2 2
    Falcon 12/644T 2 210
    Gamecock 12/6 44T 3 1 2c3
    Grebe 12/6 44T 1 1 11
    Kestrel 12/644T 4327 5 65300
    Lincock 12/6 44T 4 1 528
    Lynx 12/644T 207 2 25140
    March 12/644T1 11
    Mentone 12/644T4020 1 59260
    MPH 12/644T 6 2 8c10
    Special 12/644T 2
    Total 117 628 171750

  • The 'Identified A' column is chassis numbers listed in David Styles book 'As old as the Industry' and other cars that I, or others, have 'found' (in old membership lists / books / photos).
  • The 'Identified B' column is additional cars where the full chassis number is not known.
  • The 'Duplicates?' column is those records which are to some extent dubious, whether as duplicates or complete errors and therefore to be disregarded from the totals. The apparent existence of Alpine 12/6 is unlikely to reflect cars produced in the factory.
  • The 'Total' column is the identified figures, less the potential duplicates.
  • The 'Projected' column is my calculated production figures, based on the total figure. I have not incorporated any bias on these figures.
  • Rebodied chassis are included in original body style where known, otherwise listed as specials.