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Total Riley 8/90 & Autovia Production

Riley were involved in the production of two V8 engined cars, the Riley 8/90, and the Riley-built Autovia Cars. Total production was about 37 8/90s and 44 Autovias. Annual production figures for the 8/90 are loosely as follows:

Model YearProductionChassis Nos
1936986x 101-109
19371187x 201-211
1937/81787x 212-228

For some reason, the 1938 models were launched early and so retained the 87x series - although as 88E had previously been used in the early 1930s for Edinburgh and Winchester models this may have been to avoid any confusion.

Autovia cars did not change prefix for different years, so there is little hope of providing any annual breakdown of production, but as they were only produced for around 18 months this is less of a problem.

Model by Model

Although no precise records remain, it is still possible to collate details of known cars, and so suggest total production figures for each V8 model.
Below is a list of how many of each body were probably built on the two V8 Chassis.

ModelChassis TypesIdentifiedDuplicates?TotalProjected
Adelphi 8/9086A; 87A 18 11735
Kestrel 8/9086K; 87K - - -2
Special 8/90 1 - 1
Autovia SaloonS63 11 - 11 33
Autovia LimosuineL634 - 4 11
Autovia Special 1 - 1


  • The 'Identified' column is cars listed in David Styles book 'As old as the Industry'and other cars that I, or others, have 'found' (in old membership lists / books / photos).
  • The 'Duplicates?' column is those records which are to some extent dubious, whether as duplicates or complete errors and therefore to be disregarded from the totals.
  • The 'Total' column is the identified figure, less the potential duplicates.
  • The 'Projected' column is my calculated production figures, based on the total figure. I have not incorporated any bias on these figures, albeit that it is believed only 2 8/90 Kestrel's were produced.
  • Rebodied chassis are included in original body style where known, otherwise listed as specials.
  • Whilst no bespoke bodied Autovias have yet been identified, it is possible that some were built, thus diminishing the totals set out above.