as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour

Total RM Series production.

Unlike with the pre-war cars, it is not so easy to identify annual production figures, although total figures are known. However, the Chassis Numbering started off following the pattern from before the war:
3 5 S 10001
This was the first RMA to be built: Total production figures were therefore:
YearsModelChassis TypeTotal
1945-51RMA 1½ Litre Saloon
RMA 1½ Litre Drophead
35S - 41S
36D - 41D
1946-52RMB 2½ Litre Saloon56S - 62S6,900
1948-52RMC 2½ Litre 3 Seat Roadster
RMC 2¨½ Litre 2 Seat Roadster
58SS - 61SS
582S - 612S
1948-51RMD 2½ Litre Drophead58D - 61D502
1952-5RME 1½ Litre SaloonRME3,446
1952-3RMF 2½ Litre SaloonRMF1,050

The Pathfinders Chassis number related more closely to the 'standard' Nuffield / BMC markings, although there was not yet an 'R' to identify it as a Riley(!):

M A E 1 1 / 501 (The first car)