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The question of how many Rileys still survive is almost impossible to answer. However, with the arrival of the excellent How Many Left site a couple of years ago, it is now possible to put forward some figures for UK cars still registered by the DVLA. There will, of course, be many more that are lying hidden & forgotten in garages and sheds across the country, and the number of survivors across the rest of the world is still impossible to guess.

How many left list the following total of Riley's in the UK:

5,365 regsitered with the DVLA in 2015


Riley 1.5 & 1 Litre

This could include all pre-war 12/4 and 12hp models, as well as the post war RM series and One-point-five models.
  • 852 Taxed and 203 SORN
  • 660

    Riley Elf

    This one is unequivocal!
  • 367 Taxed and 293 SORN
  • 323

    Riley 2 Litre

    This could include pre war 16/4 and 16hp models, but is probably mostly the post war RM series cars
  • 288 Taxed and 35 SORN
  • 100

    Riley 1100

    Whilst it is possible that this may include a few pre war Riley 9s, it is probably just the BMC A-series Farina models
  • 78 Taxed and 22 SORN
  • 93

    Riley 4/72

    This one is unequivocal!
  • 59 Taxed and 34 SORN
  • 73

    Riley Lynx

    A surprise, as this is the only pre-war model name to be listed, will apply to all chassis types
  • 67 Taxed and 6 SORN
  • 60

    Riley Pathfinder

    This one is unequivocal!
  • 51 Taxed and 9 SORN
  • 57

    Riley 1300

    This one is unequivocal!
  • 40 Taxed and 17 SORN
  • 33

    Riley 2.6

    This one is unequivocal!
  • 24 Taxed and 9 SORN
  • 32

    Riley 4/68

    This one is unequivocal!
  • 27 Taxed and 5 SORN
  • 2879

    Riley - Others

    This is all of the other Rileys still registered by the DVLA, the large majority of which are probably pre-war.
  • 2590 Taxed and 289 SORN
  • 2500

    Rest of World

    This is an un-educated guess. It may be twice as many, or just half this figure, and it is likely we will never know.