Riley 9 Ascot. (1932-34)

The Ascot was launched in late 1931, as a 2-seater drophead coupe with dickey seat. It was initially a popular model on the nine chassis, but when it was adapted to fit the 6-cylinder chassis, the result was less successful. The design was a development of the earlier (un-named) 2 seater and dickey model, but with the latest mechanical updates on the 9hp chassis. It remained on sale through until 1934, but sales faded away, perhaps because it was rather old fashioned and upright looking alongside the newer, sleeker models such as the Lynx and Kestrel. It is also probable that the fashion for dickey seats was over, and people favoured fully enclosed cars.
Despite this, it proved a popular car at launch and sold in the region of 250-300 over the 3 years, roughly half being in the first year.



9hp 4 cyl ohv
Bore 60.3 stroke 95.2
compression 5.2:1
Capacity 1087 cc
42bhp at 3600rpm
Carburation Zenith
4-speed gearbox.
Top gear ratio 5.2:1





13" Drums front and rear Wheelbase 9' (aprx 2730mm)
Track 3'11" (aprx 1180mm)
Length / width: various bodies
Tyres 27x4.40
Weight 17cwt