The White Riley (1933)

The most famous of all Riley Specials is The White Riley, built in 1933 by Raymond Mays. It was based on the 12/6 TT Chassis, with the 1486cc version of the 12/6 engine, albeit in Supercharged form. This allowed the engine to rev up to 8000rpm, and provide a peak of 147bhp.
The car was built to take the record at the Shelsey Walsh Hillclimb, and whilst it did acheive this, briefly, the bar was raised further by an Austro-Daimler before the meeting was finished. Nevertheless, The White Riley was and indeed remains a formidable machine at countless racing events across Europe.

The White Riley was, in essence, the prototype for the hugely succesful ERAs that proved so successful in the late 1930s.


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    Chassis Number: 4/103 (Spec based on 12/6 TT Racing Cars)


    6cyl Overhead Valves
    RAC Rating 12.01hp
    Bore 57 Stroke 95.2
    Capacity 1486 cc
    Compression Ratio 5.8:1


    4-speed gearbox.
    Top G/r 4.77:1
    3rd G/r 5.96:1
    2nd G/r 7.15:1
    1st G/r 11.78:1
    Reverse 18.51:1




    Riley Continuous Cable with Cam-Operated Shoes
    15" Drums


    Standing Quarter Mile 23secs
    Max speed 70mph


    Wheelbase 8'1" (aprx 2460mm)
    Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
    Wheels Six-Stud Wire Centre Lock 3.0x19
    (1934: 3.0x19)
    Tyres 5.00x19 (1934: 4.75x18)
    Fuel Tank 15 Gallons