Riley 11.9 Coupe DeVille (1926)

Through the 1920s, the Coupe deVille was a popular bodystyle with those car manufacturers who aimed their models at families who employed chauffers. As such, a Coupe deVille could be seen on a Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Hispano Suiza car, but not, generally speaking, on a Ford or Morris. Riley, therefore were pushing themselves upmarket with this model, and the fact that it was only available for one year is perhaps telling.

The Coupe deVille was a limosuine where the driver had to suffer without a roof. At the rear, the fully enclosed passenger compartment catered for the family with a luxurious leather bench seat and rear-facing occasional folding seats ahead for the children. The back seat was shielded by solid panels to either side, and there were blinds on all the windows which could be drawn for extra privacy.


4cyl Sidevalve
RAC Rating 11.9hp
Bore 69 Stroke 110
Capacity 1645 cc
42 bhp at 3600rpm
Carburation Zenith


Dry Plate Clutch
3-speed gearbox.
Top gear ratio 4.7:1
3rd G/r 7.4:1
2nd G/r 11.6:1
1st G/r 18.2:1
Reverse 18.2:1


Semi Elliptic


4-wheel self-compensating



Wheelbase 9'6" (aprx 2880mm)
Track 4'4" (aprx 1310mm)
Length 13'6" (aprx 4090mm)
Width 5'6" (aprx 1620mm)
Wheels Artillery or Wire 6-stud 19x3.0
Tyres 29x4.95
Weight 12.75cwt (chassis only)
Fuel Tank 7galls