Riley IFS Racing Car (1936)

The Riley IFS prototype, with 6 cylinder engine installed

The IFS (Independent Front Suspension) Racing car was a development of the TT Sprite chassis, fitted with Andre-Girling coil independent front suspension. It was available with either the 1Ż Litre 12/4 engine in racing tune, or the non-production 2 Litre 6 cylinder, although it is not entirely clear if both cars existed simultaneously, or if the engines were swapped as required. Indeed, even the number built is unclear.
The body was similar to the later racing TT Sprites, with a cowled radiator and an offset single cockpit. The space normally occupied by a passenger was now used for a second fuel tank, if required. These cars were very similar, in ethos, to the modern Formula 1 cars, in that they could be quickly adapted and rebuilt to suit different classes at different events. As such, they suffer a little from the 'Trigger's Broom' scenario, where essentially the same car could have been completely replaced, part by part, over the course of a racing season!



12hp 4cyl ohv
Bore 69 Stroke 100
Capacity 1496 cc
61bhp at 5500rpm
Carburation 4 Amal
15hp 6cyl ohv
Bore 63.5 Stroke 104.5
Capacity 1986 cc
-bhp at 5500rpm
Carburation 6 Amal
4-speed gearbox.
Top gear ratio 5.22:1


15' Drums operated by Girling Rods



Independent front coil
Semi-elliptic rear
Wheelbase 8'1.5" (aprx 2480mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
Length 12'4" (aprx 3670mm)
Width 4'9.5" (aprx 1450mm)
Tyres 5.0x19
Weight cwt


0-50mph secs
Max speed mph
Fuel Consumption MPG