Riley 1½ Lynx. (1936-38)

Of all the new 1½ Litre models, the Lynx was the least changed from its 12/4 predecessor. The chassis featured the same upgrades as the Falcon and Kestrel which were the only other bodystyles carried forward, but the Lynx body was carried over virtually unchanged. Some identifying points, however, are that these later cars often had bumpers fitted, and first mesh then chrome-slat radiator grilles were fitted. It remained the only 4-seater open car in the range, although by the end of 1937 production had almost ceased as the publics love of open 4-seaters had faded.
Whilst the body remained almost unchanged, with the traditional cut away front doors, the Lynx was now also offered as the Lynx Sprite with the Sprite version of the 12/4 engine. For the 1937 model year these seem to have outsold the standard or special series offerings.

Chassis Types [Approx. Production Figures]: (S)26L [225] / 27L [100] / 28L [65]


4cyl ohv
RAC Rating 11.9hp
Bore 69 Stroke 100
Capacity 1496 cc
51bhp at 4800rpm
Carburation 1 or 2 Zenith


4-speed gearbox.
Top gear ratio 5.22:1
3rd G/r 7.39:1
2nd G/r 10.91:1
1st G/r 18.79:1
Reverse 23.33:1




Girling Mechanical rod wedge operated shoes
13" drums


0-50mph 17secs
Max speed 67mph
Fuel Consumption 27mpg


Wheelbase 9'1" (aprx 2750mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
Length 14' (aprx 4250mm)
Width 4'11.5" (aprx 1480mm)
Wheels 3.0x18
Tyres 4.75x18
Weight 25cwt
Fuel Tank 10 galls


1936 £345; 1937 £345; 1938 £385
Lynx Concours (1937) £398
Special Series +£27