Riley TT Sprite. (1935-7)

The TT Sprites were a series of cars (of which many replicas have since been created) built to take part in the TT races in the mid 1930s. They were mainly based around a Riley 12/4 engine and chassis, but with low, sporty bodywork more similar to the Brooklands than anything seen on the larger chassis before. This series of cars spawned the 12/4 Sprite and also the 6-cylinder MPH Models.
The first 6 cars were built and registered with consecutive numbers - AVC15 - AVC20. Of these, 2 used nominally 12/4 (22T) chassis, whilst 4 are recorded as having 12/4 engines. Of course, for the factory it was not difficult to swap engines between chassis, especially for the works racing team. As a result, it is quite possible that engines were swapped back and forth between chassis as needed. The following is the current reckoning of the cars:

  • AVC15 - 44T2407 - 12/4 engine
  • AVC16 - 44T2418 - 6 cylinder engine
  • AVC17 - 44T2419 - 12/4 engine
  • AVC18 - 44T2420 - 15/6 engine
  • AVC19 - 22T1750 - 12/4 engine
  • AVC20 - 22T1916 - 12/4 engine
    At least two, genuine, later models are known to exist:
  • BWK324 - S26S4634 - 12/4 engine
  • CWK171 - S27S6950 - 12/4 engine
    It is more than possible that more were built, with 10-12 suggested, however with the interchangability of parts at the factory, and the need to rebuild cars after accidents, it is difficult to be precise. The history of this model has been further clouded by the range of replicas built in the last half century.

    The bodies were generally low slung, snug 2-seaters, with a long pointed tail housing a large fuel tank. However, as the years progressed, narrow cowled noses were added, and the bodies became rounded and more streamlined. At least one is thought to have been converted to a single seater at some point.

    Chassis Types: 22T / 44T



    12hp 4cyl ohv
    Bore 69 Stroke 100
    Capacity 1496 cc
    61bhp at 5500rpm
    Carburation 2SU
    4-speed gearbox.
    Top gear ratio 5.22:1



    Semi-elliptic Wheelbase 8'1.5" (aprx 2480mm)
    Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
    Length 12'4" (aprx 3670mm)
    Width 4'9.5" (aprx 1450mm)
    Tyres 5.0x19
    Weight 19.5cwt


    0-50mph 13secs
    Max speed 88mph
    Fuel Consumption 21.5MPG