Riley 12/6 Brooklands Speed Model (1932)

Riley Brooklands Speed Six

The Brooklands Speed Model was essentially a six cylinder version of the popular nine model. However, it was quietly dropped before production started, and along with it's 'successor' the Grebe, was never really available to the public. It had the potential to be a very strong racing car in it's class, but for some reason Riley decided not to proceed.
However, they did subsequently produce a batch of TT Racing Cars, which used the same basic chassis and running gear as this model - they were in effect the works racing versions of the Brooklands Six Production car. These cars won their class at Le Mans in 1933 and 1934.

The fin in the tail actually covers the vertically stored spare wheel. This necessitated a specially designed fuel tank in a U-shape so that the wheel could slot in the middle! Although never actually produced, it was intended to be sold to the public, complete with Windscreen and hood as seen in the picture.


6cyl Overhead Valves
RAC Rating 12.3hp
Bore 57.5 Stroke 95.2
Capacity 1486 cc
Compression Ratio 8.2:1
Carburation 3SU


4-speed gearbox.
Top G/r 4.77:1
3rd G/r 5.96:1
2nd G/r 7.15:1
1st G/r 11.78:1
Reverse 18.51:1




Riley Continuous Cable with Cam-Operated Shoes
13" Drums


Standing Quarter Mile ?secs
Max speed ?mph


Wheelbase 9' (aprx 2730mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
Wheels Wire Centre Lock 3.5x19
Tyres 5.00x19
Fuel Tank 26.5 Gallons


£595 (not produced)