Riley 14/6 Tourer. (1929-31)

The Tourer was the only open model initially offered on the new 6-cylinder chassis. It was bodied by Hancock and Warman Limited, who were based nearby in Coventry, and was a full 4/5 seater 4 door open tourer with cutouts in the front doors. Unfortunately, in 1931 the coachbuilders factory was destroyed by a fire, and so for the following year this model was replaced with the Riley-built Alpine Tourer.
Just like the Deauville, which was built by the same company, the body was steel, unlike the smaller fabric bodied tourer offered on the Nine. The confusion regarding chassis numbers makes it almost impossible to suggest a production figure, with only 1 identified - 14_203, probably the factory demonstrator. Suffice to say that it unlikely more than about 40-50 were built before the Alpine Tourer was introduced for 1931.

Chassis Type: 14


6cyl ohv
RAC Rating 13.5hp
Bore 60.3 Stroke 95.2
Firing Order 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4
Capacity 1633 cc


Riley Silent 3rd, 4-speed gearbox.
Overall Gear Ratios:
2nd 14.37:1
3rd 8.39:1
Top gear 5.75:1
Reverse 22.31:1




Cable & Rod fully compensating footbrake, on all 4 wheels.


Max speed 66.7mph
0-50 32secs
Fuel Consumption 19.3mpg


Wheelbase 10' (aprx 3040mm)
Track 4'8" (aprx 1400mm)
Length 13'9" (aprx 4230mm)
Width 5'6" (aprx 1670mm)
Wheels Wire 6-stud 3.50x20
Tyres 5.0x20
Fuel Tank 11galls.
Weight 26.75cwt (chassis only)