Riley Kestrel 1100. (1965-68)

1966 Riley Kestrel 1100 (JPX944D)

1966 Riley Kestrel 1100 (HVF682D)
Photo courtesy of Keef

BMC's new front-wheel-drive small saloon, designed to replace the myriad of Austin and Nuffield models that were competing in the sector, was launched as a Morris in 1962. It was an instant success (not unusual for BMC!), and the range was joined in 1965 by the Riley Kestrel 1100, and Wolsley 1100, with the axing of the One-Point-Five / 1500 models.
The Riley model was interesting, in as much as it was the only Version to be given a name (declared an insult to the Kestrel's heritage at the time). It was originally pitched between the Wolsley and MG, with the Wolsley's Luxury, and MG's performance. It was progressively replaced in 1967-8 by the 1300cc version.


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    1098cc 4 cyl ohv
    Bore 64.6mm Stroke 83.7mm
    55bhp at 5500rpm
    Compression Ratio 8.9:1
    Carburation SU


    Overall gear ratios.
    2nd 8.98
    3rd 5.83
    4th 4.13
    Reverse 14.99


    Independent Hydrolastic all round


    Lockheed hydraulic brakes with wedge operated shoes
    8.93in front and 8in rear.


    0-50mph 13.1secs
    Standing ¼mile 21.5secs
    Top Speed 83.7mph
    Fuel Consumption 29.1mpg


    Wheelbase 7'9.5" (aprx 2380mm)
    Track 4'3.5" (aprx 1300mm)
    Length 12'3" (aprx 3720mm)
    Width 5' (aprx 1500mm)
    Tyres 5.50x12
    Weight 16.5cwt
    Fuel Tank 8galls


    1965-6 £645
    1966-7 £672 (
    1968 £692 + £160 6s 1d tax = £852 6s 1d