ERA Type B (1935-7)

There appear to have been 13 B-Types built, all were 1500cc cars, based on the current Riley 6 engine.
Cars Built:
  • R1B Built for Richard Seaman.
  • R2B "Romulus" - Built for Prince Chular of Siam as 21st present for his cousin Prince Bira in 1935.
  • R3B Written off at Deauville in 1936
  • R4B Built 1936 then converted to D-type, and kept by Raymond Mays.
  • R5B "Remus" - followed R2B in 1936!
  • R6B Built for Dr JD Benjafield.
  • R7B Sold to Arthur Dobson.
  • R8B Built for Earl Howe.
  • R9B Built for Dennis Scribbans.
  • R10B Built in 1937 for Peter Whitehead, later converted to C-Type.
  • R11B Built for Reggie Tongue.
  • R12B Works Car, converted to C-Type when bought by Prince Chula ("Hanuman").
  • R14B Built in 1937 for Johnny Wakefield.


    6cyl ohv
    Bore 57.5 Stroke 95.5
    Firing Order 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4
    Capacity 1488cc


    4-speed Armstrong Siddeley Preselector Gearbox, without Clutch.


    Semi-elliptic; Hartford Friction shock-absorbers.


    Girling Mechanical Rod with wedge operated shoes.



    Wheelbase 8' (aprx 2440)
    Track 4'4.5" (aprx 1310mm)
    Wheels Dunlop centre lock wire
    Weight 14.5cwt (1500)