ERA Specifications

as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour
The ERAs were based on Riley running gear, utilising the basic design of the Six-cylinder engines. The engines were built in three sizes: 1088cc for the 1100cc class, 1488cc for the 1500cc class, and finally 1980cc for the 2 litre racing class.

The company was called English racing Autombiles, and was formed by Raymond Mays, Peter Berthon and Humphrey Cook. 17 cars of Types A-D were built, although Types C and D were just modified B-types. There were also three E-types, which owed less to Riley than the previous cars. The 'prototype' ERA was the White Riley, itself developed from the successful TT cars of 1933 (another of these cars formed the prototype MPH).
The cylinder blocks and other parts were manufactured by Riley for ERA, and much of the work was done within the Riley works, alongside both Rileys own works team and of course Freddie Dixons team! It is understood that at one point an ERA held the course / lap record on every major racing, hillclimb or trials circuit in the British Isles, as well as many abroad. Whether this is true or not is now impossible to confirm, but the cars were prolific winners!

Of the 20 ERAs built, 16 still existed in 1982, and I presume the same number (if not more!) survive today. I believe that all 4 Type A cars survive, along with 10 of the B-D Types and 2 E-types.