Healey Specifications

as Old as the Industry, as modern as the Hour
I have included the early Riley-engined Healey cars in these Riley pages because of the close relationship that Donald Healey had with the Company in the late 1940's, and also because they illustrate just how good Rileys Big-4 engine was even ten years after it was designed.

Of the 6 models listed here, The Silverstone is possibly the most well known, with its lightweight body and distinctive headlamps-behind-the-grille styling. It was also the fastest, although I have not yet found difinitive performance figures for it - maybe there aren't any.
Remarkably Healey was able to get a 16bhp (18%) advantage over Riley in 1946, and it wasn't until the 1954 Pathfinder that Riley (BMC) managed to beat this. The quoted 106bhp for the Silverstone is thought to be on the detuned road-going version, it has been suggested that Healey may have acheived over 125bhp for the racing versions - all from a relatively standard Riley block!