Riley Imp. (1933-35)

The Imp was effectively a scaled down version of the MPH models using the Riley Nine chassis and engine. Whilst it directly replaced the March Special of 1933, the car was in essence a replacement for the earlier and well renowned Brooklands model. The Imp proved to be a competent performer on the track, whilst remaining usable on the road, and was an immediate hit. The prototype Imp was designed as a 2/4 seater, much like the March before it, but the late change to a true 2 seater made it a very desirable car.
Due to its popularity, it has enjoyed a very high survival rate, with around 80 cars identified. However, many replicas have been constructed over the years, adding confusion and whilst the total production figures aren't known, it was perhaps only around 120-150 cars during the 2 years it was built.



9hp 4cyl ohv
Bore 60.3 stroke 95.2
compression 5.2:1
Capacity 1087 cc
42bhp at 3600rpm
Carburation 2 Zenith
4-speed gearbox.



Semi-elliptic Wheelbase 7'6"
Track 3'11" (aprx 1180mm)
Length / width: various bodies
Tyres 27x4.40
Weight 17cwt