Riley 9 Kestrel. (1936)

The Kestrel 9 had been launched back in 1933, and been one of the best sellers for Riley ever since. For 1936, Riley updated the Kestrel design to create a 6-light sports saloon in place of the original 4-light model. However, the smaller body fitted to the 9 chassis was less suited to this new shape, and so the existing design was simply given a facelift instead. Sales of the revised model remained buoyant, making up roughly a quarter of that years production at around 500 cars. However, with the changes to the range for 1937 the Kestrel 9 was dropped from the range, perhaps replaced by the Touring Saloon in a bid to meet the terms of the contract with Briggs for bodies.



9hp 4 cyl ohv
Bore 60.3 stroke 95.2
compression 5.2:1
Capacity 1087 cc
42bhp at 3600rpm
Carburation Zenith

compression 5.5:1
Capacity 1089 cc
29bhp at 4500rpm
Carburration: SU / Zenith

4-speed gearbox.
Top gear ratio 5.25:1




Wheelbase 8'10.5" (aprx 2690mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
Length 13'9" (aprx 4180mm)
Width 4'9" (aprx 1440mm)
Tyres 4.5x19
Weight 18 / 20.25cwt


Max speed 65mph
0-50 20secs
Fuel Consumption 30mpg