Riley 9 Monaco Plus Ultra Half Panel. (1931-32)

The Monaco had been introduced for 1927 as a luxurious and innovative Fabric light Saloon on the famed Riley 9 chassis. A facelift for 1930 had further improved the car, but for 1931 there was another innovation, with metal optionally replacing fabric in the bodywork! The car still retained fabric above the waistline but the lower half of the car could now be specified in metal. Unfortunately records generally do not differentiate, so it is impossible to compare sales of the two models, which sold alongside each other for the year. However, the fact that for 1933 the car gained a full metal-clad body suggests that Fabric was going out of fashion as a car body covering.



9hp 4 cyl ohv
Bore 60.3 stroke 95.2
compression 5.2:1
Capacity 1087 cc
42bhp at 3600rpm
Carburation Zenith

From 1932:
compression 5.5:1
Capacity 1089 cc
29bhp at 4500rpm
Carburration: SU / Zenith

4-speed gearbox.
Top gear ratio 5.25:1




Wheelbase 8'10.5" (aprx 2690mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
Length 12'9" (aprx 3830mm)
Width 4'9" (aprx 1440mm)
Tyres 4.5x19
Weight 18cwt


Max speed 65mph
0-50 20secs
Fuel Consumption 30mpg