Riley 9 Monaco Plus Ultra Fabric. (1931-32)

After a major revision of the Monaco the previous year, there were few changes for 1932, apart from the addition of a Half Panelled version. In fact, this addition proved to be the end of the line for the fabric model, and whilst records do not allow a comparison of fabric and half panelled sales, it is fact that the 1933 Monaco was only available as a metal panelled saloon. The estate car pictured above is believed to be a conversion carried out in the 1950s, presumably when the original fabric body had reached the end of its life.
Despite the slow phasing out of the fabric saloon, the two versions of the Monaco available in 1932 sold nearly as well as ever, with 13-1400 produced in the year.



9hp 4 cyl ohv
Bore 60.3 stroke 95.2
compression 5.2:1
Capacity 1087 cc
42bhp at 3600rpm
Carburation Zenith

From 1932:
compression 5.5:1
Capacity 1089 cc
29bhp at 4500rpm
Carburration: SU / Zenith

4-speed gearbox.
Top gear ratio 5.25:1




Wheelbase 8'10.5" (aprx 2690mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
Length 12'9" (aprx 3830mm)
Width 4'9" (aprx 1440mm)
Tyres 4.5x19
Weight 18cwt


Max speed 65mph
0-50 20secs
Fuel Consumption 30mpg