Royal Riley Quadricycle 2¼hp (1899-1901)

The very first motorised Rileys arrived 3 years after the Riley Cycle Co was established. Launched at the same time as the Tricycle, the Quadricycle had the same small single cylinder engine mounted between the wheels on the rear axle to provide motion. The machine retained pedals to provide assistance to the engine on the hills (perhaps the opposite of todays electric bikes!). At the front, in place of the Tricycles single wheel, there were two wheels with a passenger seat mounted between. This addition meant that the frame was quite different to either the Ricycle or the standard bicycle, on which it was loosely based. To ease the passengers journey, the front axle also featured suspension, all of which must have made a much heavier machine for the driver when it came to steering and climbing hills!


Minerva / De Dion Type
Single Cylinder
RAC Rating 2¼hp
Capacity 239.5cc
Bore 66 Stroke 70
Carburation Direct feed via vapour tube.


Constant Drive (Single gear)
Final Drive Ratio 8:1


Semi-elliptic at front only.


Spoon brakes at front and Band Brakes at rear.




Frame Size 21-23" (aprx. 530-580mm)
Track 2'11" (aprx. 900mm)
Wheels Dunlop tangentially spoked
Tyres 26x2
Fuel Tank 1.5 galls