Riley Tricar 4½hp (1905-07)

Photo courtesy of Alan Teeder

For 1905 the Forecars were replaced with a range of Tricars. However, whilst the larger engined models had a completely new chassis, the smaller models were essentially the same frame as the old Forecars, but without pedals. Even so, they were looking less like 3 wheeled motorbikes, and much more like cars, particularly as they were developed over the years. The engine was the same water-cooled 4½hp unit as had been used in the larger of the Forecars, but the frame had been further improved and strengthened, and the drivers saddle was replaced with a seat. The smaller engined versions were not improved to the same extent as the larger engined models over the two years of production.


Single Cylinder
RAC Rating 4½hp
Capacity 517cc
Bore86 Stroke 89
Carburation Longuemare Updraught


2speed Riley gearbox.
1st g/r 5.4:1 2nd g/r 3.57:1
Optional 3-spd:
2nd g/r 3.86:1 3rd g/r 3.33:1


Springs at front.


Front Band Brakes, Rear Block Brake.




Frame Size 23" (aprx. 580mm)
Wheelbase 4'5" (aprx. 1350mm)
Front Track 3'3" (aprx.980mm)
Wheels Dunlop tangentially spoked
Tyres 26x2 front / 26x3 rear.
Fuel Tank 2 galls


£89 5s